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Open call for all designers, illustrators and painters aged 18 to 35 on the occasion of Europe House Skopje 3rd birthday

Apotheosis of labor” – the famous mosaic by the artist Lazar Lichenoski celebrates the development of labor and humanity. HONEST WORK THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES CREATED CULTURES AND CIVILIZATIONS AND THE DIGNITY OF A TRUE MAN is the main message of this work, also representing by Lichenoski’s life motto.

Inspired by the idea behind his work, we invite artists in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia to create a kind of digital extension of Lichenoski’s mural, “Apotheosis of Labor”, using digital tools, meaning:

  • A new digital work that will continue the series of mosaics – endings with the story of the woman marking the 20th century – with its vision of the continuation of the development of labor today.

Details of the mosaic “Apotheosis of Labor”.

Technical requirements:

  • Each participant can take part in the call by submitting 1 or at most 3 conceptual solutions.
  • Illustrations must be delivered in JPG. and PNG. format. The document should not be larger than 10MB.
  • The illustrations are to be in a horizontal format (landscape).
  • Named with the artist’s name and surname or nickname
  • Brief description of the work
  • To be sent to no later than November 27, 2022, 11:59 p.m. E-mail subject: Apotheosis of Labor – Name and surname / nickname of the artist

The selected creative solutions will be part of the thematic calendar of Europe House 2023, and will receive financial compensation. The authors selected will also receive promotion on Europe House social media, web portals and the EU Culture platform.

The creative solutions received will be reviewed by an expert committee formed for this open call, composed of: Zoran Kardula, illustrator and designer; Europe House team member; EU Delegation member.

Europe House reserves the right to choose which of the received creative solutions would be represented in the calendar, in what form and in what part. Europe House reserves the right to receive the selected works as separate graphic elements in the graphic form: .ai, which may later be subject to adaptation to create the 2023 Europe House calendar. Europe House also reserves the right to use the selected works/creative solutions for the needs of its social media.

In the spirit of the entire birthday program, which we dedicate to the character and work of Lichenoski, we aim to transfer the cultural heritage of Lazar Lichenoski to the young generations and give them space to continue, finding new ways and using the resources of the digital world which we have in modern society

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