Mental Health Day (Kriva Palanka) - Europe House

12 Oct


Mental Health Day (Kriva Palanka)

Europe House Kriva Palanka together with the Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) from Kumanovo and Pink Support from the Municipality of Rankovce organized an event on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.
Through interactive games under the mentorship of youth worker Ivana Stojchevska from MultiKulti Mladinski Centar / Qendër Rinore, we tried to open up the topics of bullying, cyber-bullying, as well as the importance of mental health for a better, happier and higher quality life.
“Empathy and developing the feeling to think about how someone would feel from our words and actions is the key segment in the fight against bullying and cyberbullying – problems that young people often face” is part of the conclusions from the info session with the local psychologist. Andriana Davidovska.
The productivity and motivation in this event was taken care of by the beautiful nature and animals at Maria Duda Dibiaggio’s The Country Side Retreat.

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